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About Us

Established in November, 2019 and based in Lebanon, Technology and Beyond (T&B) S.A.R.L. aims at bringing Assistive Technology, Medical Equipment, Modern Technical Devices and Electronic Services to Lebanon and the Arab world.

Our mission at Technology and Beyond is to promote the rights, accessibility, participation and inclusion of people with disabilities in all matters of life, in pursuit of global equity and justice, and in fulfillment of the common good.


At Technology and Beyond we strive to provide:

  • The medical and technical accessories, computers, and related accessories needed in the Lebanese and Arab markets along with securing their installation and maintenance, and conducting a training session on them.
  • Advice, training and assistive technology that support individuals with disabilities and allowing their inclusion in society.
  • Electronic services and related devices, ensure their maintenance and train users.
  • Advisory and technical support to universities and schools, with the aim of transforming them into inclusive educational institutions for persons with disabilities.
  • Technical rehabilitation of work centers and adapting them to the needs of persons with disabilities.
  • Training to individuals with disabilities to live independently by promoting their use of assistive technology.


What We Can Offer You


Computers and Modern Technical Devices

We provide computers and all its supplies, technical and electronic devices and their attachments, in addition to securing assistive technology to promote the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in society, educational system, work and their independence.

Medical Equipment and Devices

We provide and install medical devices, especially those for people with disabilities, such as glasses, magnifiers, prostheses, and other easy-to-use, air-conditioned tools and devices that enable disabled people to lead a normal life.

Electronic Services

We offer many electronic services, such as websites, electronic applications, books and cards, in addition to adapting programs and websites to be use by everyone, including people with visual disabilities.

Engineering and Technical Rehabilitation

We strive to secure the engineering qualification with the aim to provide persons with disabilities access to universities and integrated schools along with equipping its laboratories with modern and assistive technologies. Our company will also qualify and adapt workplace centers by providing them with modern technical means to enable individuals with disabilities to carry out their work and do their jobs fully.

Advice and Training

We provide advice to government offices, schools, universities and employers, as well as training for professors and employees to deal with individuals with disabilities, help them use their assistive technology and live independently on-the-job training.


We secure the installation of all the equipment our company deals with, train users and maintain them upon request or permanent contracts. The company also offers repair and maintenance services for the devices and equipment purchased from different companies according to the technical specialties available to them.


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